School Accreditation

We are committed in developing delicious, healthy products for school children, ensuring our products meet all the Australian school accreditations requirements – including Star Choice, Healthy Kids and FOCiS

FOCiS & Star Choice


FOCiS represents canteens nationally and it’s goal is to promote nutritious foods and health in school canteens throughout Australia to ensure normal growth of kids.


Star Choice™ Registered Products makes it easier for canteens to meet these goals, guiding schools about which food products are suitable for sale in canteens. The Star Choice™ Buyers Guide is distributed to all schools canteens and other community organisations and is coded in GREEN and AMBER colours to reflect the WA Department of Education’s  Healthy Food and Drink Policy.


Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids Association is a non-profit, non-government organisations which promotes healthy food choices to kids, aiming to educate families, children and school canteens in Australian. Healthy Kids Association nutrition philosophy is one of balance that promotes the five core foods, variety and mindful eating.

We are also committed to food safety and ensuring the highest quality of foods standards are met, including the followings:

ISO 9001:2008 Learn more at
HACCP Learn more at
British Retail Consortium (BRC) Learn more at
AQIS Export Accrediation for Dairy, Seafood and Meat, Food Safety Programs (FSP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for organizations in the food and food related industries. Learn more at
Woolworths Quality Assurance


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